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Landscape Photography: Autumn


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Capture the beauty of the most colorful season with this collection of shooting and post-processing tips from landscape photographer Justin Reznick. Justin shares a photo album from locations such as Zion National Park, where the striking fall color and clear skies make for amazing photography, and reveals tips for capturing great photos in your own backyard. Learn to incorporate water for more dynamic images, capture color in reflections, create interesting compositions from fallen leaves, and experiment with wide-angle and telephoto lenses. Plus, find out how to make your fall photos look their best with Lightroom.

Landscape Photography: Autumn

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Photographing Ricker Pond State Park, Vermont

Ricker Pond State Park is located outside the village of Groton, Vermont. It is an incredible location to photograph the brilliant New England fall colors. Ricker Pond has a campsite that spreads along the shore. The crowds are gone in October when the colors are at their peak. You will most likely have the entire Park to yourself. Make sure and scout the campsites until you find the perfect viewpoint for you sunrise photography.

The first image I would like to share is a wide-angle view of the pond with mist illuminated by the rising sun.

The foliage across the lake remains in shade for a good two hours as the sun rises, enabling you to photograph intimate details in the hillside.

A completely still wind accompanies sunrise, and a slight breeze follows a few hours later. The breeze created the ripples that enabled me to create these two images.

I hope you enjoy my images from Ricker Pond State Park!