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Landscape Photography: Tropical Scenes


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Tropical destinations offer a wealth of photographic opportunities, from lush forests to waterfalls to dramatic foliage. In this course, join photographer and educator Justin Reznick as he showcases these and other options. With the breathtaking Hawaiian island of Maui as the backdrop, Justin explains how to protect your gear in humid, tropical settings and shows how to convey the essence of tropical scenes. He also discusses lens choices, compositional considerations, post-processing, and more.

Topics include:

  • Shooting a tropical sunset scene
  • Finding the right angles for photographing trees
  • Photographing plants and flowers
  • Macro lenses
  • Static shots
  • Multiple-exposure work
  • Shooting a long exposure of the beach
  • Capturing a unique shot of a waterfall

Landscape Photography: Tropical Scenes

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Infrared Photography: Nature and Landscapes


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Infrared photography lets you capture the invisible: high-wavelength light known as infrared. With infrared photography, landscapes take on an unearthly glow. In this course, shot on location in Maui, photographer Justin Reznick details the technical and creative options behind infrared photography. Learn what kind of gear you need to convert your camera for infrared, what kinds of subjects lend themselves to infrared treatments, and how to post-process infrared photos to bring out that inner glow.

Topics include:
Infrared photo gear
Photographing plants in infrared
Editing infrared images
Post-processing black and white, extreme contrast, and false color images
Experimenting with infrared

Infrared Photography: Nature and Landscapes

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Brand New Ebook Release “Long Lens Landscapes”


Welcome to my new eBook, Long Lens Landscapes. Telephoto lenses are the most underutilized tool in the kit of a landscape photographer. In this eBook, I will explore the different themes and techniques that will push your creative pursuits to new heights with long lens photography. With each new technique, I share a group of sample images to illustrate each point, finally culminating in the combination of themes to make dynamic imagery. I also share the techniques in the world of architectural photography, as telephoto lenses can be used well beyond the world of landscapes. In addition, I have included a shopping guide so you can select the right telephoto lens for your chosen system. I’m excited to share my passion for the more intimate side of landscape photography. Enjoy the journey!

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Landscape Photography: Winter


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Learn to make the most of winter’s stark landscapes with this collection of tips and strategies for wintertime landscape photography. Justin Reznick explains where to find great winter scenes, and how to photograph snow, the northern lights, and winter wildlife. He also provides tips for staying warm and dry, keeping your gear in tip-top shape, and making your photos look even better in post.

Topics include:
Location scouting
Photographing the Aurora Borealis
Working with snow
Incorporating wildlife and structures
Editing winter landscape photos
Understanding the gear you need to shoot winter landscapes

Landscape Photography: Winter

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Landscape Photography: Autumn


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Capture the beauty of the most colorful season with this collection of shooting and post-processing tips from landscape photographer Justin Reznick. Justin shares a photo album from locations such as Zion National Park, where the striking fall color and clear skies make for amazing photography, and reveals tips for capturing great photos in your own backyard. Learn to incorporate water for more dynamic images, capture color in reflections, create interesting compositions from fallen leaves, and experiment with wide-angle and telephoto lenses. Plus, find out how to make your fall photos look their best with Lightroom.

Landscape Photography: Autumn

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Photography Tips: Overcoming Camera and Lens Limitations


Digital cameras have come a long way, but photographers still bump up against their limitations. The depth of field, aspect ratio, and dynamic range can’t match what our eyes see. But you can reach beyond the capabilities of your camera through a combination of smart shooting strategies and creative post-processing techniques. Landscape photographer Justin Reznick shows how to create perfectly sharp images, front to back, with focus stacking; build epic panoramas; and create high dynamic range images that retain more detail in the shadows and highlights. The tools learned in the course will open up photographers to a whole new world of photographic possibilities—without a large investment in new gear.

Photography Tips: Overcoming Camera and Lens Limitations

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Sony A7: Tips and Techniques


Get the most out of the Sony Alpha a7 series camera with this collection of customization tips. Photographer Justin Reznick shows how to optimize your Sony a7, a7S, or a7R II camera to fit how you shoot—so you can concentrate on image making, not button pressing. Justin shows how to use the electronic viewfinder, adjust focus and autofocus, customize the A7’s many screens and buttons, configure the touchless shutter, extend the camera’s functionality with Sony apps, and leverage some adapters and accessories that make shooting with the Sony Alpha a7 even more fun.

Sony A7: Tips and Techniques

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