Weekly Column: Press Print

In this week’s column I would like to explore the final step in the process of creating an image. I go for a walk everyday for a minimum of two miles. I’m a strong believer that walking outside improves mental, emotional and physical health. I use a Fitbit Surge to track steps and record at least 10,000 steps a day. Living in Seattle, I have access to great walking locations. One of my favorites is Fremont, a standout neighborhood filled with cafes and restaurants. There is a retail space available and it would be perfect for a gallery. It’s fun to imagine what my gallery would look like every time I walk by. In the age of digital, and especially in the age of social media, it’s rare these days for image to be printed. But let’s not forget, that the printed image is the final step in the process of creating an image. Posting a small thumbnail on Facebook, Instagram, 500px, Flickr, or any other social media site is not nearly as satisfying, nor is the image able to be experienced by you or the public in its full glory. It’s just a peek of what might be there.

Last March I traveled to London to take part in Light and Land’s “Year of the Print.” As an instructor for Light and Land, I was able to display three framed images in the Mall Galleries in London. The remainder of the images were the work of Light and Land’s clients. I attended the grand opening celebration and was blown away by seeing the joy each and every exhibitor experienced. There is nothing quite like seeing your best work hanging on a wall. I hope to offer the same experience for my clients in the Seattle area one day. I think it would really encourage my clients and friends to print and share their work.

I encourage you to pick your favorite image of 2014 and print it if you haven’t already. There are so many diverse printing options these days, from your standard print to canvas gallery wraps and metal prints. The beauty of canvas and metal prints is the fact that they come ready to hang, there is no need to frame. For your Seattle area photogs, let me know how many of you would be interested in a gallery exhibition.

TV recommendation of the week: The Golden Globes aired on Sunday and Fargo received the acclaim it deserves. It was the best show of the year and is as flawless as it gets. So glad it beat True Detective, an overhyped mediocre show with great performances. Fargo is much watch TV.

Big sports event this weekend, Seattle hosting their second straight NFC Championship Game vs. the Packers. Go Hawks!

Vick Sea Stacks

“Silhouette” A long exposure off the coast of Iceland.



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