The Fuji X-T1 – We need an L-Bracket!

I have been thoroughly enjoying my new Fuji X-T1. Before I write a blog post detailing my experience, I would like to make a plea to a company to make an L-Bracket for this camera. There are L-Brackets for the X-T1 in the market, but none allow for the attachment of a remote shutter. As a landscape photographer, I live on a tripod and shoot all my images with a remote shooter. This makes the L-Bracket worthless to me if it doesn’t allow enough room to attach the remote shutter to the camera body.

I ordered the Really Right Stuff L-Bracket for the Fuji X-T1 and waited for over a month until it finally came out. I assumed they would either leave enough room for the shutter or copy their design they used for the Sony A7R. The RRS L-Bracket for the Sony A7R is brilliant.  Take a look at the wing-screw design which allows you to add room to the L-Bracket thus providing the ability to add a remote shutter. When you are not using a remote shutter, the L-Bracket can be made to go flush against your camera. Brilliant! I used this on my Sony A7R and loved it. I’m sad to say that Really Right Stuff did not incorporate this design choice for their Fuji L-Bracket. I called and asked why and their response was that they anticipated the Sony A7R to be a popular camera and the Fuji X-T1 to not be. And they were wrong. Why not offer the superior design to both brands? Charge more for the Fuji L-Bracket. Customers will pay.

thmb-rrsweb-6-BA7-LSet-btmExt-Sony-A7-L-plate-8BIT-1 thmb-rrsweb-5-BA7-LSet-btm-Sony-A7-L-plate-8BIT-1



With no plans to change, they suggested I order the Cable Relief Spacer. I did just that. When it arrived I setup the camera with the L-Bracket and the spacer. I could not imagine a more clunky setup. For $200 I had a makeshift clunky L-Bracket. No thanks.



The workaround solution is to use the Arca Swiss Universal L-Bracket:




It works just fine, but is a little large for the smaller mirrorless cameras. I hope Really Right Stuff will reconsider and make a proper L-Bracket. In time meantime, if anyone has a solution I would love to hear about it!



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