A Super Bowl To Remember

I’m back in Seattle after a whirlwind trip to New York City to witness the Seattle Seahawks win Super Bowl 48! It was a life-lister experience that I didn’t know was even a possibility up until two weeks ago. After the dramatic finish to the 49ers game, I wandered over to my computer and said to my girlfriend, “should we go to the Super Bowl?” It’s not something I thought I would ever say and yet I found myself saying it in that moment! It was a chance to see history, to see the Seahawks win their first championship. I loved the matchup and felt strongly that the Seahawks were a far superior team than the Broncos and a victory was the most likely outcome. I envisioned a possible blowout, but not THAT big of a blowout.

We traded in miles for flights, my family donated hotel points for lodging and a friend had a relative looking to sell tickets at a good price. Everything lined up perfectly and we found ourselves on a flight to JFK on Friday the 31st!

We connected through San Francisco and it was great walking through SFO decked out in Seahawks gear. Some not so happy Niner fans!


The highlight of the flight was doing the SEA – HAWK chant with all the other twelves. Seahawk fans converged on NYC from all over. Walking in Manhattan on the day before the game it was clear who was going to have the home field advantage.

The day of the game involved taking a train from Penn Station to Secaucus, NJ for a transfer to Metlife Stadium. It wasn’t easy getting to the stadium or getting home, but when we finally arrived it was time for a pic.


Our seats were in the upper deck, but the view turned out to be great. We could clearly see all the numbers of the players and most of the exciting plays happened in our end zone. We had great views of the safety, Harvin’s kick return, Kearse’s TD and Baldwin’s TD. Here was our view:


The hawk leading the players onto the field, the national anthem and the Black Hawks overhead made for an intense intro. I was able to watch a replay of the game and the television broadcast didn’t come close to doing the helicopters justice. From our vantage point high in the stadium, the Black Hawks came from behind us, and as they flew overhead with cargo doors open, you could see soldiers in the helicopters looking back at us. It was incredible!

The first play from scrimmage was a 12th man victory as the Broncos were completely unprepared to deal with the noise. After the safety and a 2-0 lead, we never looked back! It was amazing to feel like you are a part of the game, and you could have an influence on something so significant for your city and the entire Pacific Northwest! There was so much to celebrate during the game: turnovers, big hits, touchdowns, it just kept coming and we kept celebrating with unbridled passion and joy! There wasn’t a single snap Peyton Manning took that we didn’t make as much noise as possible. The entire experience was completely enthralling and joyous!

The halftime show was a chance to recover and rejuvenate for Seahawk fans and for the Bronco fans, they were too stunned to do much of anything. After the show was over, we got back on our feet and I noticed Harvin back to receive the opening kickoff. Percy was my MVP pick before the game and I knew this was his moment. I’ll never forget watching Percy run straight towards us, making incredible cuts and showing his unrivaled speed. That was truly the dagger and the game was over. We did it and did it emphatically. With the exception of a lone Denver score, we enjoyed each moment until the final snap.


We did it!


The Seahawks are a team in every sense of the word. They play with passion, for each other and for the love of the game. They are an inspiration and I’m so thankful to have been there to witness history!

All my pics are taken with the iPhone 5s, my camera of choice for documenting events. I’m also a huge fan of DMD Panorama, and here is a view from our seats:

New Meadowlands Stadium, East Rutherford - NJ, United States

And a giant 48 statue outside the stadium:



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