Photographer’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Landscape Photographer Part 2

 5 items over $100 that every landscape photographer would love to have!

#1 B+W Polarizers $100 – $300

The polarizer is the most under used tool in the landscape photographer’s toolbox for creating stunning images. I prefer high quality from B+W that won’t break the bank. If the polarizer is for a wide-angle lens, make sure and buy a slim mount filter!

B+W Polarizer

#2 Canon 5D Mark III $2,999

We get a welcome price drop on an incredible camera. Durable, with an incredible design, the Mark III will never get in your way of taking incredible images. Canon’s sensor technology is behind Sony’s currently, but in terms of camera design, the Mark III is phenomenal.

Canon 5D Mark III

#3  L-Bracket for your DSLR $140

L-Brackets are great for switching between landscape and portrait mode on your tripod, ensuring a more stable setup and maintaining the current composition. They also make the body more durable by providing protection on two sides of the body.


#4 Sony NEX-7 $1098 with Sony 10-18mm f/4 $848

We’ve been waiting for a high quality, ultralight system for landscape photographers in the backcountry and those who emphasize ultralight gear. The NEX-7 is the obvious choice with the best in class 24.3 megapixel APCS-C sensor;  without a wide-angle lens it wasn’t an option…until now! The wide-angle lens is out and we have your ultralight system!

Sony NEX-7Sony 10-18mm f/4

#5 Landscape Photography Workshop $795

There is no better way to improve as a landscape photographer than to attend a workshop led by a passionate instructor. What can I say, I love what I do!

Watchman Sunset


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