Photographer’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Landscape Photographer

First up, 5 items under $100 that every landscape photographer needs!

#1 Giottos Rocket Air Blaster Large $9.95

The rocket air blaster is absolutely essential, and the go to tool for cleaning dust and water droplets off lenses, sensors and filters. I use it every time my camera comes out. In fact, I went ahead and attached it to a lanyard so I can wear it around my neck. That way, I never lose it and it’s always accessible.


#2 Hoodman Loupe 3.0 $79.95

I was slow to adopt the Hoodman Loupe and boy was I missing out. After shooting in the glaring sunlight in the Palouse, I finally made the investment. And now, I can’t live without it. Once you find the composition with the viewfinder, the LCD screen becomes the viewing area for your images. By using the Hoodman Loupe, you can eliminate everything but your subject, just like looking through your viewfinder. You can also see the LCD in any weather condition and check for sharpness in your images more effectively than with the naked eye.


#3 Remote Shutter, brand of your choice, Canon RS-80N3 $44.95,  Nikon MC-30A $64.95

Landscape photographers use remote shutters for all their images, and those shutters get lost and damaged on a regular basis. Every workshop I run results in one lost or damaged remote shutter, guaranteed! I highly recommend that every landscape photographer carry two with them at all times. If you’re getting one as a gift from someone, you don’t have to worry about whether or not they already own one!


#4 Filter Wrench Package of 2 $6.99

The filter wrench is so simple and effective. It barely weighs anything and it costs so little. Yet you can’t live without it! Filters get stuck, and during every workshop, I find myself unscrewing a stuck filter!


#5 Therm-a-Rest Z-Seat Pad $14.95

This is a little out of the ordinary for a photography gift, but I love carrying a seat pad for when I’m shooting in any kind of kneeling position. It’s also great for laying your gear on when you don’t want it touching the ground. And finally, the non-photographer will be very excited when you offer them a seat while you’re shooting!



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