A Quick Update…

Hey all,

I’ve been incredibly busy with work, which is a great thing. I’m extremely passionate about photography and I’m truly fortunate to make a living doing so. From April 27th through May 14th I spent my time in the Columbia River Gorge leading private tours and teaching group workshops. The Gorge is the greatest stretch of accessible waterfalls in the world, and an incredible place to photograph for shooters of all skill levels. My dates for next Spring’s Gorge Workshops are already up on the site! Check out landscapephototours.com to learn more.

Tomorrow is the first show of the season for me, the U-District Street Fair in Seattle, WA. I’ve been hard at work preparing canvas gallery wraps and prints. It’s followed shortly by the Spokane ArtFest, June 1st – 3rd. After ArtFest, it’s all about the Palouse! Scouting trips, group workshops and private tours until June 21st.

Back to prepping prints for the show… hope to see some locals there!


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