New Photography Tour and Workshop Name – ‘Landscape Photo Tours’

The Golden Tree

Since the inception of my company, I have run my workshops and tours under the banner of ‘Backcountry Photo Tours’. I wanted to do something different, specialize in an area that for the most part was non-existent in the industry. I thought it would be amazing to combine my backpacking experience with photography and take people into the backcountry to photograph scenes off the beaten path. Three years later, I’ve realized that it’s an incredibly small niche, and not a very marketable one at that. Every once in a while I have to explain to a potential client that my tours are car based and hiking is minimal. In order to do more strenuous activity, it has to be a private tour. In a nutshell, ‘Backcountry Photo Tours’ doesn’t describe the majority of my workshop and tour business.

That’s why I have changed the company to ‘Landscape Photo Tours’, which describes exactly what we do. My tours and workshops are about landscape photography in some of the most beautiful and photogenic regions in the States (and eventually beyond). I also think it will improve my SEO, as ‘landscape photography’ is a popular search term.

I also discovered a new niche. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in tours, observe tours, and talk to many former clients of tours to discover what works and what doesn’t. What I discovered was that clients are largely neglected in the majority of tours. Leaders often take too many clients and they shoot for themselves first, putting their clients’ needs aside. I take very small groups, currently at 4 participants, and I work extremely hard with my clients, giving them all the attention they deserve. I’m there for them, not for me, and that in itself is a niche in the competitive world of photo workshops and tours.

I hope the new name finds its way to more potential clients and I get the opportunity to share my passion for landscape photography with them! Visit for more information.


2 responses to “New Photography Tour and Workshop Name – ‘Landscape Photo Tours’

  • Daniel Álamo

    You take back some beautiful shots from Scandinavia.
    I’m with you when you say that people (photographers) are car based and that photograph scenes off the beaten path is not for most of photographers or people who likes photography.
    My photographs also need too, in most of cases, a minimum 6 hours of hike from the near and last parking car you can found, if not 2-3 days on the wild, at times with 750-1600 m. up in a journey. This way, sure, I find maybe at times not awesome photos because conditions of light is not the adecuate everytime; but I always have the “other part” that it’s the enjoy of being in full nature, where not most of people are available of being. This way the photo I could have, or even I success to have, is just secondary or still the 50% of it.
    For this reason I don’t try run my bussiness in photolandscape. Being for clients should give me something that I don’t miss. In fact I couldn’t pay my bills with this, and at time it should take that, for me, is the real essential for going in nature and try to take in film or in bytes what cross to my eyes.
    Being too a experienced backpacker over wild regions I notice that this world is not running this way, and it will give a bigger power to the photos taken out of the crowed roads. Greetings,
    Daniel Álamo.

    • Justin Reznick


      Thank you for the thoughtful comment! My backpacking trips this year will be without clients… but I’m definitely open to sharing the incredible feeling of surviving in the backcountry, surrounded by nothing but beauty. For the time being though, I have it all to myself:).


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