3 Tips for Choosing the Best Photography Workshop or Tour

1) Take a look at the artists work. Is it top-tier work in your opinion? Does it inspire you? Is it in a similar style to the type of photography you hope to achieve? I see too many people sign up for workshops based on the name of the photographer and not the work that they produce. The most successful photographers in the business are not necessarily the best photographers. Great business sense can take you very far in the profession. Really take a good luck at the body of work of the photographer and ask yourself the above questions.

2) Testimonials. Find people who have experience working with the photographer and try to a get a beat on how they work, their talent as an instructor and if they would be a good fit for you. Getting a strong recommendation can definitely help lead you in the right direction.

3) Know the difference between a workshop and tour and make sure you sign up for what’s best for you! A workshop is supposed to be an instructional experience. Will the photographer keep the camera in their bag and concentrate on YOU? What is the ratio of instructors to students? Will you get left behind or will you get ample attention? A tour is simply a chance for the participants to get to locations provided by the photographer. This can be a great way to get to know an area from a local expert. Tours are preferred by photographers who are not necessarily looking to improve their photography, but are in search of great locations. What’s right for you?


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