Impressions of Washington Fall Color

White tree trunks + fall color = fantastic subjects for impressionist images. To create my impressions I use camera movement during the exposure. The type of movement and shutter speed vary based on the subject. First up is a grove of thin white trunks with yellow leaves at the top, titled “The Grove”

For the next image, I used a red bush at the base of a group trees to create “On Fire”.

This image is all about the light providing a glow to the foliage, “Fall Light”.

My favorite of the impressions, “Fall Rainbow”, has such an intense blur as to bring in to question the very subject of the photograph. It’s all about color in this case, and this image will be a great conversation piece.

The last image I wanted to share is from a colorful grove of trees with some nice spacing between the trunks. This is before the impression:

And after:

If you have any interest at all in creating impressions, take advantage of the fall colors! One more to leave you with:


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