Photographing Red Maple Leaves with White Birch Tree Bark

While in New England photographing fall color, I searched endlessly for this prime combination. Red and white together in nature makes for a fine fall color image. What I found on the shore of Kettle Pond in Groton State Forest, Vermont, enabled me to photograph this type of image with a twist. I was able to surround my subject with a rainbow of sorts. In the lower left hand corner is a group of yellow leaves, traveling clockwise you get to a group of green leaves, followed by orange, and then a blue sky for the background. A major challenge of this shot was the wind. I experimented with different ISO settings and waiting patiently for lulls, shooting well over 300 images to capture at least one that was tack sharp. When I started shooting, the sky was white which can lead to blown highlights or simply a bland sky, but the constant wind whipped the clouds around providing me with patches of blue. It also allowed the sun to shine on the scene which of course presented harsh, undesirable light. I had to wait for the perfect combination of a blue sky behind the subject, and clouds covering the sun. My patience paid off!


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