Photographing Washington Fall Color

There are some classic fall scenes in Washington State, most noticeably the yellows around Southern WA found on the Lewis River and the Cedar Creek Grist Mill. You also have the blueberry bushes of the higher elevations that come in many shades of red along with the brilliant yellow larch trees. What you don’t expect to see is color like this: “Washington Color”

From Stevens Pass on Highway 2 to Nason Creek Campground in Wenatchee State Forest, you are in for a some great fall color. It starts with yellows just beyond the pass and expands to oranges and reds as your elevation drops. This grove of trees is located 21 miles west of Stevens Pass.

Here is another image from the same location titled “Forest Fire”.

Along the Nason Creek you find plenty of color on the shoreline. I found a brilliant group of reds. This image is titled “Entangled”.

Along the Tumwater Canyon leading into Leavenworth, the Wenatchee River can be a great place to look for color as well. This year didn’t have as much color as prior years, but I will most likely visit again this coming weekend.

With a little exploration fall color can be found in States where you least expect it!


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