February Road Trip

It’s time for some landscape photography! From Feb. 13th – 23rd I will have the chance to photograph Yosemite, Death Valley, and possible the Alabama Hills and somewhere in Oregon (weather dependent). Before I leave for a trip I always like to include some links to images that have inspired me in these locations.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do!

Over the Top by Ryan Dyar

Natural Firefall by Jeff Sullivan

Tunnel View Just After a Winter Storm by Kevin McNeal

Badwater on Fire by Jim Patterson

Stormy Mesquite Dunes by Stephen Oachs


2 responses to “February Road Trip

  • David Richter

    Safe travels buddy! May good light guide your path!
    I must say though, I am just a wee bit jealous. Especially since you’ll probably have rockin’ light and conditions down in DV and the Sierras, plus fresh dusting in Yosemite… argh, wish I could go too but I take your pics for some sort of mini vacation when you return.


  • ontheroad22

    Thanks for the great send off! Can’t wait to show you my images when I return!

    Happy Shooting!

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