Flickr Featured Artist: Ryan Dyar

Ryan Dyar is a professional landscape photographer from Southwest Washington. He specializes in landscapes, but has recently added some wildlife to his portfolio. He spends a lot of time in Glacier National Park, bringing back inspiring images time and time again. Ryan shoots all seasons, and presents some of his most unique visions during winter.

This is one of my all time favorite photographs period:

On Broken Glass

An incredible winter landscape:

From the Foothills

To the sea:

Another World

Fall colors:

Autumn Falls

A trip to the Sierra:

Over the Top

Really take your time as you look through Ryan’s photostream. Quality resonates with every single image. What are your favorites?


3 responses to “Flickr Featured Artist: Ryan Dyar

  • David Richter

    Ryan’s work is certainly beyond amazing. A true inspiration for anybody with even just a slight interest in landscape photography and/or outdoor activities. His dedication and tremendous efforts show in every picture. They convey a feeling of standing right out there in the nature, witnessing these rare minutes and taking them home forever. Certainly one of my favorite photographers.

    Favorite pieces you ask? Even if it is extremely hard to choose, I will try to limit it to three.

    Cold Creek – The Re-Process
    Water Power
    Around The Bend

    Basically I could have added all of them but since I want to leave some space for other comments… lol

    Have a great weekend!

  • ontheroad22

    Fantastic choices David! One of my winter goals is to get Ryan to take me to where he shot Cold Creek, that photo in incredible for sure!

  • David Richter

    Wish I could go too. After finishing university in June 2011, I need to head over to Oregon in the winter. Mount Hood under a deep powdery snow cover is just too gorgeous but first I’ll have to see what the whole next summer will bring and work a bit on my winter skills this year. lol

    As for the location, I am pretty sure it’s somewhere to the east, and maybe even a little to the south of Mt. Hood.

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