Hiking Pic of the Week #11

Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park is a short but strenuous hike to an amazing viewpoint of Zion Canyon. Many just make it to end of the trail, but if you don’t mind heights, there is an opportunity to continue along the top of the rock formation with a steel chain assisting you through the difficult sections. If you can, it is well worth it to do the hike in the early morning for better weather and less crowds. If you normally use poles for hiking, make sure you attach rubber tips as most of the hike is on concrete. When you arrive at the difficult upper section, be sure to leave your poles behind and pick them back up on the way down. I definitely recommend Angel’s Landing.


3 responses to “Hiking Pic of the Week #11

  • Greg Russell

    This is really fantastic. I love Angel’s Landing, and like what you’ve done here…it captures the dizzying heights well!


  • David Richter

    Hey Justin,

    what a viewpoint there. Love the shot with the shadow. Leaves an impression of the whole scenery. I am not sure if I could do the last part. After watching the video of the hike I have to say the drops are really frightening but then, if the scenery is just right, which it is, I might be able to fight my inner bastard and do it. If I make it to Zion indeed, the Narrows and the Subway are higher on the list… along with the bridge shot of the Watchman!

    Happy shooting and hiking!


  • ontheroad22

    Thanks for the comments Greg & David! When you come to Zion David, my hope is that you’ll be there long enough to do it all! Maybe next fall we’ll get a huge group together to go!

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