I'm Back!

It’s been a while I know, and it’s time to get back to bloggin’. This summer was full of hiking and shooting, an incredible growing experience for me as a landscape and wildlife photographer. Spending time in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park was an eye opening journey into the world of wildlife photography. That experience really instilled in me that I wasn’t going to just shoot landscapes for my career. I’ve been back from my adventures for a little while now and I have been busy at work on my new website – justinreznick.com. It is finally completed and now I’m going through the process of optimizing it for search engines. It was an interesting experience which had me learning some CSS, a good deal of copying and pasting different code, and relying on endless forum posts to get just the look I wanted. I am pretty happy with it so far and fortunately, being hosted on smugmug means that I can evolve it as needed.

I have numerous posts planned, from trip reports to hiking tips, there is plenty to discuss! This weekend I leave for Zion National Park where I hope the fall colors come a little early, and I can add some Southwest images to my portfolio. Until next post (which will be sooner than later!)


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