August Road Trip

I leave tomorrow for a 16 day adventure including Palouse Falls, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons National Park, and the Wind River Range. There are two major hikes planned. The first is Sky Pilot, a 37 mile loop through the heart of the Winds. The second is the Teton Crest Trail, 35 miles through the spine of the Tetons. I’m bringing my wide angle lens and, because of the wildlife, I’m bringing my 400mm lens. It’ll be interesting to lug all that camera equipment through the mountains, but hopefully the images captured will be worth it. I’m extremely excited for the adventure and will be sharing the photos upon my return!

These photos are an inspiration for me on this trip:

Palouse Falls Sunrise by Chip Phillips

Horizontal Grand Teton Sunset by Chip Phillips

Beaver Pond Reflection by Jeff Sullivan

Something Special by Leviathor


2 responses to “August Road Trip

  • Stephanie Martin

    What an undertaking! I look forward to seeing your photos and hearing about your experiences.

  • ontheroad22

    Thanks Stephanie! My photos from Yellowstone and the Tetons are still going up on Flickr! What an incredible goldmine of wonderful subjects. I hope you’re enjoying my images!

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