Royal Lake Basin Trip Report 7/11 – 7/13

Set out for a 3 day trip to Royal Lake Basin in Olympic National Park. Dirt roads leading up to the trail are in great condition. There are a series of potholes about 2 miles from the trailhead to watch out for, other than that it’s smooth sailing. Trail is in perfect condition, no obstacles to report! Wildflowers are out, as are chipmunks, bunnies, & dear. I have never seen so many bunnies on a backpacking trip before! My partner and I caught 9 Eastern Brook Trout in Royal Lake. We started with mosquito flies, and moved on to yellow and red flies. Basically, if it moves, they bite! It is mosquito season. Try and enjoy the early morning hours and the twilight hours when it’s too cold for them to appear. A trip to Upper Royal Lake Basin is a must, it’s an absolute stunner. If you are into fishing, stay at Royal Lake, but if it’s alpine and incredible views, stay at the Upper Lake Basin. Getting a permit is simple, just call Olympic National Park (360) 565-3100, pay by credit card over the phone, and they will email you your permit instantly.


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