Mason Lake Trip Report 6/17 – 6/18

Perhaps the closest and easiest Alpine Lake overnighter, along with Talapus Lake. Both are off exit 45 of I-90. A few miles on some rough road and you are at the trailhead. Or close enough. 4WD vehicles are making it to the last washout, 200 yards from the parking lot. Some cars are back another mile. The trail is in all around great shape. There is a waterfall that has spilled onto the path. There were trail workers today 6/18 fixing the problem. It’s passable either way. I headed down to Mason and crossed snow patches here and there. Reaching the lake at 3pm yesterday, visibility was around 10ft, there was no way to see beyond the shore. I set up camp at the far site, both sites were unoccupied, I had the lake to myself. Visibility cleared in the evening for some nice views, and then the clouds came back. I headed out this morning, passing one hiker and the trail workers. I highly recommend this hike as an overnighter if you are rushed on either day of your trip. It’s easy to be back in Seattle in just a few hours, or likewise, out to the lake.


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