FlexAir Dual Compartment Ultralight Pillow – Mini Review

FlexAir Dual Compartment Ultralight PillowThere is a school of thought amongst ultralighters that a pillow is unnecessary, just grab a stuff sack and fill it with extra clothes. No matter how you stuff it, it does not replace the comfort provided by a pillow. Getting sleep on thru hikes is an extremely important element towards success. There are those that sacrifice comforts that lead to better sleep for carrying less weight. I do not think you can skimp on sleep. That is what makes this pillow an AMAZING product. Really, what it does is truly amazing. It weighs less than an ounce and is a very adequate pillow. You use the provided straw to add air into each chamber to create the pillow of your size. My partner likes her pillow firm, and I like mine flat. You get to choose. Once the pillow is deflated, it folds or rolls so small you hardly notice it in your pack. Backpackinglight.com sells two versions. It is imperative that you get the right one. The version with just one chamber, the FlexAir Plus Ultralight Pillow, is incredibly useless. Your head rolls right off. It is humorous, but not practical. Creating two chambers was a brilliant design change in FlexAir Dual Compartment Ultralight Pillow that made it not only useable, but comfortable. And in my book, essential.


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