Landscape Photography, Finally!

I started taking photographs seriously in October as the hiking season came to an end. Before I picked up a DSLR, i took my Panasonic LX3 into Buckskin Gulch, Utah and came away with these 3 images on Flickr:

Chris & The Ghosts

Buckskin Gulch Sun

Slot Canyon Wall

Being inside a slot canyon with walls often 6 feet apart doesn’t inspire vast landscapes. Since Buckskin, I’ve traveled to San Francisco, Portland, Austin, San Antonio, New York City, Mexico City, & Oaxaca. The last couple of winters I’ve traveled to the Southern Hemisphere to hike in Patagonia and New Zealand, but this winter was spent traveling through Vietnam. The great take away from my non-hiking adventures the last 6 months is the range of photography that I’ve been able to experiment with. Travel, people, macro, birds, black & white, and more have graced Lightroom. My take away – I really enjoy shooting different genres and I don’t want to label myself as simply a landscape or wildlife photographer. In fact, I have enjoyed photographing birds so much, I’ve already planned trips to Florida and Klamath Falls, OR this winter. The original inspiration of landscapes will grace my camera in just a few days. The time has finally come for me to learn and see where I can take landscape photography. Scotland and the West Highland Way – I hope you make a great first subject!


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