West Highland Way, Attempt #2

Sixteen days until Chris and I fly to Glasgow to do the West Highland Way! In March of 2006, we made our first attempt of the 95 mile hike through the Scottish Highlands. After spending a day walking around rainy Glasgow, we headed to bed excited to get an early start. Our room at The Alamo Guest House was in the windowless basement. As we woke and packed our bags, nothing could quite prepare us for the view outside the bay windows of the dining room. Behold:

A freak snowstorm blasted Scotland and shut down much of the country. Was it still worth it to attempt the hike? We delayed the trip by a day and headed to Edinburgh to see the city and buy warmer clothes. The following day we decided to go for it. As you come out of the train station in Milngavie, this sign greets you:

What a rush it was to see that sign and begin our walk through the town.

Once we reached the woods the trail became a stomping ground of slush, our waterproof Gortex boots quickly became soaked through as we scanned the snow covered landscape.

Our hike was over. It wasn’t how we envisioned the green rolling hills of the Scottish countryside. And so we left and headed to Ireland, Wales, and England, before reaching Oxford University where Chris had a meeting to attend. It took over 3 years, but we’re finally going back!


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