Stay Clear of Hotel Cazomalli in Oaxaca, Mexico

It doesn’t feel good to write something negative, but it’s obviously important to remain critical, and to help fellow travelers avoid making similar mistakes. We made a reservation on their site for a quad for 4 people. After arriving at night via a bus from Mexico City, we checked into the hotel and were taken to a room with 4 beds. There were no other guests in the hotel. Our stay was fine with the exception of the plumbing. The toilets in the hotel only run on a rare occasion! Upon paying for our room the night before we left, they asked for an obscene amount of money. I showed them our reservation and they said that because we were given 4 beds instead of 2, that we would have to pay the family rate. Showing them proof that we requested a quad and not a family room was irrelevant to them, they had no ability to reason. After a long and heated argument, we were able to get the price down a little bit, but not to where it needed to be. It was shocking to see such disregard for honoring the reservation and for the lack of customer service. Saying it’s Mexico doesn’t cut it. We had fantastic customer service in every other situation for our entire trip. Bottom line, visit Oaxaca, it’s a fantastic city, but stay clear of the Hotel Cazomalli.

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