Photography Lessons Learned in Vietnam Part II

Shooting with two cameras is brilliant. I brought my Panasonic LX3 and Canon XSi, and during my intense shoots, I had both cameras ready to roll. The Canon was equipped with a 50mm prime, circular polarizer filter, and set to RAW. The LX3 was at 24mm most of the time, and in vivid or dynamic black and white jpeg mode. This was my first experience having the option of two cameras and I loved it. I now understand why a photographer would carry two DSLRs at a time. There’s often not time to switch lenses, and having the variety of modes was a huge bonus. In addition, if I didn’t want to lug my Canon around, it was a relief to just carry a point and shoot. At the same time, when I needed the best quality possible, my DSLR was available.

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