Landscape Photography with Lightroom and Photoshop


See how far Lightroom and Photoshop can take your landscape photography. Photographer Justin Reznick shares his favorite workflow and processing strategies for making landscape photos look their best. He shows how to organize photos from your shoots in Lightroom, quickly make basic adjustments, and make creative composites with its panorama and HDR features. Adding Photoshop into the mix allows for more fine-tuned control, while plugins such as the Nik Collection and Color Efex Pro expand your creative options. Justin combines all these tools in the final chapter, where he takes on his own landscapes from start to finish.

Landscape Photography with Lightroom and Photoshop.

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Photography with a Tilt-Shift Lens


A tilt-shift lens is a specialized piece of gear that expands your creative options. With a tilt-shift lens, you can fix distorted verticals in architectural photos, greatly expand depth of field, and create special optical effects. You can simulate many of these things in post-processing, but a tilt-shift lens lets you experiment in the field—and seeing the results as you work can affect the way you shoot a scene. In this course, photographer and educator Justin Reznick demonstrates how to use a tilt-shift lens in a variety of shooting scenarios. He shows how to shift for perspective control and panoramas, and tilt for “miniature” style photos and sharpness from front to back.

Photography with a Tilt-Shift Lens

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Architectural Photography in Chicago: A Fine Art Approach


My latest course is out! I’m incredibly excited about the release of my first course on architecture. I hope you enjoy my unique approach to the fantastic city of Chicago!

Chicago is known for its architecture: beautiful, classic buildings with incredibly detailed exteriors and interiors. It’s a great place to learn about architectural photography, and in this course photographer and educator Justin Reznick heads to the Windy City to photograph some of Chicago’s gems. Along the way, he shares creative and technical insights aimed at helping you capture beautiful, accurate renditions of famous buildings, and highlight details that define different architectural styles and eras.

Architectural Photography in Chicago: A Fine Art Approach

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Drones versus Planes: A Conversation on Aerial Photography


Quadcopters such as the DJI Phantom have dramatically changed aerial photography, making it more accessible and affordable for professional photographers and hobbyists alike. However, quadcopters are not without drawbacks or complications. In this short conversation, photographer Justin Reznick and content producer Matt Fishbach discuss the changing face of aerial photography in the quadcopter era and the pros and cons of the “democracy of the air.”

Drones versus Planes: A Conversation on Aerial Photography

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New course: Photographing the Wintery Coast of New Zealand

There is no off-season for landscape photography. Even winter offers unique image-making opportunities. Follow along with landscape photographer Justin Reznick as he travels to the stormy Punakaiki coast, a beach on the South Island of New Zealand well known for its Pancake Rocks. By taking advantage of breaks in the weather, Justin captures incredible photographs of the ocean waves, rock formations, and stormy skies. Along the way, he’ll teach viewers how to experiment with shutter speed and long exposures, isolate subjects with a telephoto lens, take multiple bracketed exposures, and more. At the end of each chapter, he reviews images from the shoot and demos his post-processing workflow in Lightroom.


Photographing the Wintery Coast of New Zealand

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New Course: Performance Tuning Your Canon Digital SLR

You’ve been using your Canon digital SLR for a while—but are you using it efficiently? These cameras are packed with customization features that enable you to fine-tune the way they handle everything from focusing to exposure.

In this course, photographer and educator Justin Reznick demonstrates a set of customizing strategies aimed at making a Canon DSLR far more responsive and effective. That way, you can focus on composition and artistic expression, and let your Canon handle the rest.


Performance Tuning Your Canon Digital SLR

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New Course: 5-Day Photo Challenge: Landscapes

How do you get better at photography? By challenging yourself every day. Justin Reznick offers a variety of creative and technical challenges that encourage you to get out of your chair—and your comfort zone—and start taking better landscape photos. Learn to work the “golden hour,” incorporate tools such as filters and medium-length lenses, shoot iconic landscapes in new, intimate ways, and find a different perspective by moving your feet. Justin offers his own solution for each challenge, so you can see how a professional photographer tackles the same subject.


5-Day Photo Challenge: Landscapes

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